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The Benefits of Traveling During the Pandemic

Traveling during COVID / CoVid Travel

Most people have avoided traveling during the pandemic. I have to say that there were benefits to traveling during the pandemic. Although one thing was made obvious at the start of the pandemic by governments from all around the world: do not travel. The tourism industry is one of the largest in the world, and more than a 100 million people’s job were affected worldwide by this decision.

Traveling is still happening, though. The tourism industry has adapted, and people from all around the world are more than ready to welcome tourists again.

While the media still portrays travel as being dangerous, this could not be further from the truth. If you take the necessary precautions, traveling now is even easier and more enjoyable now than it normally is.

I have been traveling full-time since June 2020 across three continents, and these are the main benefits for traveling during the pandemic:


As a result of COVID, airlines have seen an unanticipated drop in travel, which is great news for those trying to save money while traveling during the pandemic.

Airfares are especially low at the moment due to lower demand for travel due to the Omicron variant. As a result, international airfares may not increase as quickly as expected, partly due to travel limitations such as frequent COVID testing, quarantine requirements, and other factors.

But the low rates aren’t expected to last long. Summer is right around the corner, and people are starting to make plans for it. It seems like the pandemic is coming to an end.


Another benefit of traveling during COVID is the ability to be as flexible as possible with almost everything, including airlines, travel agencies, and accommodation. The pandemic situation has altered the way we travel, as well as the way airlines, travel agencies, and accommodations manage changes and cancelations. Airlines, travel agencies, and accommodations are currently offering flexible policies to meet the constantly changing travel needs of today’s travellers. Flexible travel policies have never been this good before, until the pandemic happened. Take advantage of them while you can!

Fewer crowds

The Omicron variation has made it difficult to predict how many people will travel, but it looks like off-season travel will be more prevalent in areas that still have restrictions in place. It’s also probable that many people will still not want to go through the hassle of dealing with travel restrictions.  This means many tourist destinations are going to be less crowded, so you may be able to travel with more flexibility, and even make bookings that would normally be more difficult. My suggestion? Stay away from places that are easily accessible. Those will be packed. The pandemic won’t last forever. Take advantage of places that most people won’t think about going to because of testing and vaccination requirements.


It’s not like people weren’t hospitable before. But you need to understand. Many people around the world that rely on tourism earn daily wages. If they didn’t get any clients for the day, that means that they had no income whatsoever. So to see people continue to travel despite the ongoing restrictions, it has truly transformed the level of welcomeness in many places around the world.

Sure, the prices of accommodation and activities still remains lower than average in many places. This is one of the many approaches that the tourism industry has used to continue to attract customers. 

But your money and travel choices mean that you will be able to support families all around the globe. Especially if you choose to spend on local businesses. People are eager to welcome you back. To show you the best and safest experiences possible with the highest standards of hygiene. So that you can go back and recommend that same destination to everyone that you know.

While some people might have opposed traveling during these times, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t possible. With the right attitude and measures it was definitely manageable, and still continues to be.

Have you managed to travel since the pandemic started?